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We have recently moved from our 8149-A Walnut Grove Location to a new location at 5527 Mechanicsville Turnpike. Please change any mailing addresses you may have for us to the new address. Our PO Box 128...
EC&M Integrated Solutions is proud to have signed a new 5 year cooperative contract with JMU in 2016 for Electronic Security Services 
EC&M Integrated Solutions is engaged to further expand security at one of our National Treasures, Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello.   EC&M Integrated Solutions continues to provide service and support...
EC&M Integrated Solutions continues to support and upgrade the Security Systems at Henrico County and Henrico County Schools.  

Northeast Foods



EC&M is providing all electrical service for this new 103,000 SF greenfield facility that consists of a 70,000 SF fully automated bakery and a 13,500 SF freezer at 56 foot high, a minus 10 degree Fahrenheit temperature and a fully automated racking system. This facility will house the most automated bun baking and freezing process in the world, producing more buns per hour than any other bakery in existence. The facility also contains administrative offices, employee welfare areas, dry and liquid ingredient rooms and an engine room which will house the state of the art ammonia refrigeration systems. A production facility of this magnitude with the challenges of providing electrical service to a sterile environment, showcased EC&M’s expertise in specialty buildings. Northeast Foods is a national contract baker for the commercial and fast food restaurant industry. This new facility is part of an overall supply chain strategy to better serve McDonald’s restaurants in the region. Northeast Foods is a privately held company that has served McDonald’s since 1965 and is the largest bakery supplier to McDonald’s in the US. The project broke ground the summer of 2010 and will begin baking operations in the spring of 2011.

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